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Name Base Apk
ID be.basecompany.base.mybase
Publisher Base
Genre Education
Version v3.14.0
Size 29 MB
Total installs 1,000,000,000+ downloads
Rated Years Rated for 3+
MOD Features For Android
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Price 1000
Updated On December 28, 2023
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29 MB

Base is a popular application that allows people to back up their imp ortant data. The app has a very high rating on the internet due to its awesome features and smooth interface. Millions of people use base applications to secure or back up their data, including system settings and other app data.

The base app is the best option to save your files from losing or restoring lost data. You can create backups daily or monthly on a daily or monthly basis. Besides, the app also allows users to save their data, such as images, videos, or other files, by creating folders. In addition, you can arrange these folders as per your desire and change their names as well. However, this incredible application is free to download and compatible with all smartphones.

Base Apk

What is Base Apk?

Base is an incredible application many people use to restore their deleted files or important data. You can download it on your smartphone and create backups of your personal files, app data, and more. Many people keep a lot of data, including files, images, and videos, and want to keep it safe. Base apk is the best application for this purpose. That allows the users to keep their valuable data safe from loss. Moreover, if you accidentally delete a file, you can restore it using this amazing application. The application is free, and you can utilize all its features easily. Conversely, you can also use base apk as a file manager to save your files. The interface is very user-friendly and free from malware. This application allows you to easily create daily or monthly backups and multiple folders to save your data.

Base Apk

Backup Personal Data

You can back up all your data by using this awesome application. However, there are also many different methods that you can use to safely backup your data. Moreover, you can back up all your data, such as images, videos, or other files, daily or select other options per your desire with just a single click.

Restore Deleted Files

If you mistakenly deleted a file from your smartphone, then do not worry. It is a very epic feature of this awesome application that allows users to restore their deleted files conveniently. Besides, when you delete a file, the app stores it in the recently deleted album, where you can easily see or restore any file. Besides, you can also restore all the deleted files without losing their quality.

Very Simple Interface

The interface of this application is very simple and free from malware and other issues. You can easily navigate to all the features and start creating backups or restoring deleted files. Conversely, the application is very lightweight and is compatible with downloads on low-end mobiles. You can easily download base apk on all smartphones and start creating backups of your important data to prevent it from losing.

Keep Record of files

In the base app, you can create a backup of your data and keep a record of all your files by saving them into the app. The application automatically saves all the files and allows the users to keep them in different folders. You can create new folders and set their names to save different files or other data.

Base Apk

Fully Secure

Base Apk is fully secure, providing end-to-end encryption for all your data and files. You can create your personal file backups or save them into the app without worrying about the safety of your data. In addition, the app ensures maximizing the security of your data and protecting it from potential risks.

Free to Download

There are plenty of data backup apps, but most are not free. You have to pay some money to download them or use their features. Conversely, the base apk differs from all those, and you do not need to pay a single penny to use it. Downloading this awesome application is free, and you can easily install it on all smartphones.

Secure Data

You can also use the base app as a file manager to store your data. It saves all the data securely and can also see your backup files. Moreover, you can also make changes to the saved files in this app. This application secures your data and provides a trustworthy platform for data protection without asking for any personal information.


Many applications that provide features for backing up data contain ads that can interrupt the users while using them. However, the base apk is an ads-free application where you will never see any ads or other popups. You can restore deleted files or create daily backups or more without being disturbed by any ads.

Base Apk

Final Words

You can use Base Apk to backup or restore deleted data easily. Besides, you can also create folders to arrange your files and much more. To backup your valuable files, download the base apk from our website and share your reviews about the app in the comment box.


Can I rename the folder names for saving files in Base Apk?

You can change the folder name in Base Apk to save files.

Can I download Base Apk on iOS devices?

No Base Apk can only be downloaded on Android devices.

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